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Our Founders

our-creators.jpgRobin Dorman

Robin Dorman, creator and founder of Helmet Band-Its, has more than 35 years of experience in the fashion and design industries. After running fashion divisions for Saks Fifth Avenue and Yves St. Laurent, Robin moved on to establish her own interior design company, Design Concepts, in 1990.

Specializing in both residential and commercial spaces, Robin’s signature style of marrying beauty and functionality set her projects apart. Her keen eye for matching the aesthetically-pleasing with versatility led to the inception of Helmet Band-Its, a safety-promoting fashion accessory. As principal and the creative inspiration behind the brand, Robin oversees the design and production of the line as well as all new business development.


Kirk Dorman  

A young marketing and communications executive, Kirk Dorman's professional experience spans the globe. Honing his skills in the travel industry as well as in a corporate position overseas, Kirk boasts experience in research analysis, planning and campaign execution. Since receiving his Bachelor of Science in Communication, Advertising and Economics from the University of Miami, Kirk has worked closely with senior executives at major leading brands such as Sandals Resorts, Newport Asset Management, Aqua Sciences, Inc., among others. As Executive Vice President, Kirk oversees the marketing, sales support and IT divisions.

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